Is it possible to lose weight without dieting?

Losing weight without deprivation and frustration by a change of attitude towards oneself and the food is possible!

The enteric brain or enteric nervous system is not our second brain, but our first! It is the one that literally lets us know if what we eat or do suits us. It is our innate wisdom.

Listening to the messages of our belly requires slowing down when we eat. It also requires more awareness and non-judgment. It’s the best way to know what really suits us and in what quantity.

We may decide to fast or get a recommendation to diet with a restriction in the amount caloric intake. Enzyme supplements, fat burners, or appetite suppressants may be recommended, but all this will be temporary.

A yoyo effect is likely to occur by regaining the lost weight, which is always more difficult to lose afterwards.

However, the best solution is in you. Experiment in your laboratory slowly, conscientiously and with pleasure, without deprivation, guilt and judgment or frustration.

Lose weight through a change in attitude towards yourself and foods. It is the relationship we entertain with ourselves and the foods we eat that we need to observe and question. If done in kindness towards yourself, it is a great way to increase longevity!

I cannot count how many times I have been asked “what should I eat? And how much to eat?” Your belly and mouth are the best indicators for finding your own answers.

Lose weight and get to your optimum weight

You want to lose weight and be healthier? Here is how with the classic method and with the new Slow-down Diet method.

Many of us want to lose weight and live in better health. It is often said that to lose weight, you have to burn more calories and ingest less. This is scientifically known as the thermal efficiency of metabolism.

First, let’s take stock of what is metabolism. According to the classical definition, metabolism is the sum total of all our chemical reactions of the body.

If we wanted to increase the metabolism in order to lose weight, it would make sense to exercise more and eat less. I have never liked this equation because it does not consider the missing link: the psychological attitude and the universal metabolic activators described by Marc David in his book “Slow-down Diet”.

Metabolic activators:

  • Relaxation
  • Food quality
  • Consciousness (meditation)
  • Rhythm (towards more slowness)
  • Pleasure
  • Thoughts (choice that feeds or not)
  • History (packaging)
  • The sacred (gratitude)

According to other experts, like Marc David, I now understand metabolism to be the sum total of all our chemical reactions of the body, our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences.

Metabolism is an intimate body-mind symbiosis connected to our microbiota-brain and it is therefore through this symbiosis that it is possible to lose weight and heal. It means “enpowerment” or the empowerment of one’s own ability to find our own answers to “what should I eat? And how much to eat? “

By being accompanied (coached), it is possible to find this wisdom by reinforcing the eight activators of metabolism. It’s good for longevity, because lean mass and healthy weight are very good indicators of longevity.

Finding the innate wisdom of the enteric brain is a meaningful, profound and very effective approach. This goal is one of the pillars for aging well in health: more lean mass and less excess fat massage.

May you attain your optimum weight!




The Slow-down diet; eating for Pleasure, Energy & Weight loss. Marc David. Healing Arts Press. 2005.