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Photo Jean-Pierre Deschênes

Jean-Pierre Deschênes, n.d., h.d., mt.d., kin., stress and kinesiology coach

What you’re going through, I’ve been through too.

I’ve had several food intolerances, a tendency to hypoglycemia, sometimes digestive problems and even a leaky gut, all set against a backdrop of stress that I couldn’t modulate or tame.

I was able to free myself from stomach-related symptoms by knowing myself better, respecting my limits and developing kindness towards myself.


After appendicitis, complicated by peritonitis, and even stage 3 cancer, it took me thirty-five years of apprenticeship to regain power over my health; a true empowerment that enabled me to enter into radical remission through natural means and major changes in my relationships and lifestyle habits.

My children have also been my teachers, with their sensitivity and even hypersensitivity to both food and psychological issues. They enabled me to heal my childhood wounds and re-establish healthier family ties.

The health needs of my children and myself led me down the path of massage therapy, which I practised for 22 years, naturopathy and homeopathy, which I have practised for 20 and 26 years respectively, and energetic and internalizing approaches such as meditation and Qi-gong, which I have practised for 35 years.

This is what I offer my clients: a return to the power of their own health, both in terms of the stomach and the brain, in relation to stress.


Life mission: health empowerment with a clear conscience!

NaturaMed’s vision: to promote health empowerment with a clear conscience!

Jean-Pierre Deschênes, ND.A.


Over 5000 hours of training:


Practical Kinesiology (24 hours) June 2023
Fermented symbiotics (prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics) and fermented plants (Botanica and Living Alchemy) 2017-2019
Microbiota, mitochondria and the brain (AAT Institute) January 2018
First Line Therapy (Therapeutic Lifestyle) 2015-2016
Integrated Kinesiology (125 hours) 2009-2010
Naturopathy: École d’enseignement supérieur de naturopathie du Québec (1350 hours) 2000-2004
Homeopathy: Centre de techniques homéopathiques (1500 hours) 1992-1996
Massage therapy: École Pierre-Dupuy, Centre éducatif intégration / École conscience globale de l’être (1090 hours) 1987-1990

Continuing education of approximately 200 hours per year.