Articles on the art of healthy longevity with a healthy digestive system and a healthy brain. The articles explore the details of the microbiota, gastrointestinal and neurodegenerative diseases that can be prevented and relieved naturally. They also discuss the topic of longevity in health or how to age well in health.

Qi-gong and longevity

The energy that arises from the belly Belly and Qi The belly, which is the area of the body that houses our microbiota, is also an energy center....

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Keto Diet: is it for me?

The ketogenic diet is very popular right now. But is it good for everyone? A small foray into the world of the physiological needs of our body. Food...

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Immunity and Microbiota

Our immunity, our ability to absorb and create vitamins and even modulate the expression of our genes is directly related to the health of our...

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Five Factors of Longevity

Taming rejuvenation Staying young in our heart and in our cells can be learned! Genes contribute only 25% to longevity. The well-kept secret of...

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Three Ways of Eating

How to be aware of our type of eating Dieting is not forever and whenever Some consider diet as a therapy to heal from disease, others as a...

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