The gut-brain connexion

Healthy neuro-hormonal, immune and metabolic communication

The connected balance between head and belly

Are you experiencing stress, stomachaches, food intolerances, or depressed or anxious moods? Do you suffer from hypoglycemia?

I understand what you’re going through, because I’ve been through it myself. I’ve experienced a number of intolerances that were literally ruining my life.

The results: a lasting improvement in vitality, sleep, appetite, mood, neuro-hormonal and immune balance.

I’d been through it all with stomach aches, mental fogginess and fatigue before discovering that I had food intolerances and hypoglycemia in addition to a depressed mood. I did my bit by taking my health in hand with help.

Over the years, I’ve developed trippy tools that put the power back in your health to get your belly back 💩 happier with more lightness 😊!

Shall we chat a little before making an appointment?

I offer you a 15-minute exploratory call.

This call is an opportunity to get to know each other briefly and to confirm that we’re comfortable working together.

It’s not a consultation, but a first contact to see if we click!

Modulate stress to regain

your health balance

Stomach aches

Food intolerance(s), irritable bowel syndrome and SIBO

Emotional Stress

Accumulated emotions, anticipation of the future, mood problems

Digestive Problems

Heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, burping


Difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night or too early

Leaky Gut

Intolerance(s), allergy(ies), skin and respiratory problems due to hypersensitivity

Concentration or Learning Problems

Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, anxiety disorders or depressive disorders

How I can help you

Have you tried several approaches and products that didn’t work? Do you feel you’ve wasted time and money and your health continues to decline?

I went through this with stomach aches, mental fog, fatigue before discovering that I had food intolerances and hypoglycemia in addition to a depressed mood.

I did my bit by taking my health in hand with help.

Over the years, I’ve developed some trippy tools that put the power back into your health to get your tummy back 💩 happier with more lightness 😊!

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Fleur PNEI

All systems communicate with each other. They are interdependent.

Better communication promotes optimal health and a better gut-brain connection.

See how by clicking on the image.

How does it work?

The first virtual consultation (FaceTime, Messenger video or Google Meet) lasts 90 minutes, during which we review the health assessment – sent and completed beforehand – the reasons for consultation, your expectations and our recommendations.

Additional functional field and vitality tests may be recommended for a better gut-brain connection.

We offer follow-up visits lasting sixty minutes per month and weekly coaching sessions lasting fifteen minutes to maintain motivation, reassess your condition and adjust recommendations accordingly.

The length of follow-up depends on the health issue.

Professional advice and follow-up care


“Jean-Pierre has helped me a few times with health-related problems, and I’m really grateful. He has a professional approach and takes the time to listen to us. This is much appreciated. His warnings and recommendations are still part of my dietary follow-up. Even today, a simple phone call is enough to update my health status.

I recommend her naturopathic services to anyone who wants professional advice and assured follow-up.”


Christine B., Montreal

Quality support and health education


“I’ve always had fragile health, and at the age of 25, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease…

Today, it’s with a great deal of gratitude to life and to the beautiful people who stood in my way that I can finally say I’m healthy again!

As a naturopath, Jean-Pierre Deschênes, is one of the precious people who has been able to offer me quality support and health education to guide me towards lifestyle habits that generate health!…”

Judith H., Montréal

He takes the time to listen to you


“Would you like to take care of your health using natural means with a passionate, professional naturopath who practices what he teaches? Consult Jean-Pierre Deschênes, ND.A., who specializes in gastrointestinal problems related to stress, anxiety and insomnia. He takes the time to listen to you and advises you according to your current needs.”

Roland B., Brossard

I still can't believe more pain!


“I consulted Jean Pierre for a general malaise in my body (back pain, stomach pain, sciatica, legs, restless sleep, etc.). I was always in pain somewhere! I was taking Advils and Tylenols at least two days out of three).

Jean Pierre helped me choose the right foods to regain optimal health, and the right quantities to find a balance. I followed his recommendations to the letter and the pain disappeared completely. My back and sciatica used to ache when I rode my motorcycle for 1 hour. I’ve just come back from a 5000 km motorcycle-camping trip and no pain…I still can’t believe it.

I highly recommend Jean Pierre for his attentiveness, his life experience, his skills, his knowledge and above all his passion for human health.”

Annie H.,  Blainville



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Natural and integrative health empowerment approaches putting stress modulation at the center with Qi conscience plein air™ for a better gut-brain connection.

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