The energy that arises from the belly

Belly and Qi

The belly, which is the area of the body that houses our microbiota, is also an energy center. The 2nd chakra corresponds to the tan-tien or hara is about 5 cm (2 inches) below the belly button, just above the pubic bone. This center stores energy from the kidneys that transforms the energy that is containted in the air taken into  the lungs. Qi-gong allows its regulation and its harmonious distribution throughout the energetic “structure” of the body.


Qi-gong is an extraordinary ancient Chinese art! It consists of traditional Chinese gymnastics combined with the science of breathing involving the mastery and control of the breath. It integrates slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration with the movement of energy along energy pathways identified in traditional Chinese medicine. The term literally means “achievement or accomplishment (gong) relative to chi “, or ” breath control ” that conveys energy.

Longevity and Qi-gong exercises

Some Qi-Gong exercises particularly favor longevity. The ten longevity symbols are especially valuable to learn. These ten symbols represent that which is associated with sustainability. The exercises that correspond to each one make it possible to embody and integrate its principles through the practice of Qi-gong.

The ten symbols of longevity

They are represented by the Sun, the Mountains, Water, Clouds, Rocks, Pines (especially red pines), Mushrooms (especially Reishi/Lingzhi), Turtles, White Herons (or Cranes) and Deer.

The Sun

The sun is a constant source of light. Its warming energy gives and nourishes life.


They are the supreme manifestation of the earth. They seem to keep their shape forever.


Water represents fluidity in the form of rivers, waves or waterfalls. It is the symbol of infinite flexibility that is able to weave between the obstacles of rocks or earth without altering itself.


The clouds represent the celestial form of ever-changing water.


Rocks and stones are the hardest natural forms… and they are durable.


Turtles are the best symbol of longevity; they show us the way forward!


Many pines live for a hundred years or more and they stay green even in the winter. Red pines are the kings of all plants.

Mushrooms (Red Reishi / Lingzhi)

They provides eternal life for those who eat or embody them with Qi-gong.

White Herons or White Cranes

These are the companions of the Immortal Taoists and also show us the way.


They are also the companions of the Immortal Taoists who teach us their art of longevity.


Qi-gong exercises can increase one’s level of vital energy and promote longevity by nourishing each organ.

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