Intestinal immunity and exercises to circulate energy

Qi-gong is a Chinese art dating back nearly 4000 years that promotes the free flow of energy in the body along the meridian paths. Meridians are energy lines that run through the body and are connected to ten organs (five hollow Yin and five full Yang) and the Five Elements in traditional Chinese medicine: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

The Metal element includes the lungs and the large intestine. Wood is associated with the liver and gallbladder, and the Water element is the kidneys and bladder. The Heart and the small intestine is associated with the Fire element. Finally, the Earth element is related to the spleen and stomach.

The energy path that feeds the intestines is therefore the Metal element to the large intestine or colon and the Fire element to the small intestine. The practice of Qi-gong allows the energy/Qi to circulate properly so that there is no clogging or dispersal of energy. When you increase the quality and quantity of energy, you increase immunity.

Scientific Studies

This has been verified by several studies, including one entitled “Effects of Taiji and Qigong intervention on antibody response to influenza vaccine in the elderly” in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine.

There’s also the study of “Changes in cytokine production in healthy subjects who practice Guolin Qigong: A pilot study.”

Finally, there’s the study of the “effects of tai chi exercises on antioxidant enzyme activity and immune function in middle-aged participants.”

All three studies confirm the increase in immunity through the practice of Qi-gong. Admittedly, some of these studies do not include a large number of patients (between 19 and 50) or a control group. Tai Chi or Qi-gong was practiced for one hour per day for 14 days in some studies or half a year in others.

This 4000 year old practice is now supported by more and more scientific research, the first and most numerous of which are conducted in China by the Scientific Research Society on Qi gong of China (SRSQC) and are not translated.

Qi gong practices for immunity

There are several styles of qi gong and tai chi. “Qi gong has several branches, which cover hundreds of different styles: health and wellness qi gong (preventive), martial qi gong, medical qi gong (curative), sexual qi gong and spiritual qi gong. ” (1)

Therapeutic or medical qi gong includes Qi-gong exercises such as those of the five Yin elements that promote better immune health as well as the ten symbols of longevity.

I suggest that you view the Qi-gong videos on my YouTube channel.

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