Evaluate or label?

Attention deficit can really be problematic during the learning process, and even more so during COVID, when you return to the classroom. Perhaps this pandemic will allow more parents to make the choice to educate their children in a different way than at school?

For example, naturopathy can provide lifestyle changes (sleep, meal, exercise and stress modulation habits), micronutrients and supplements for the 7 types of attention deficit disorder (see the other article https://naturamed.ca/language/fr/tda-h-les-7-types-et-le-fonctionnement-du-cerveau-par-scanner/).

Evaluating a child does not necessarily mean labelling him or her and no longer seeing the beautiful person that he or she is. The problem identified is not him; it is much more than his problem! It may also not be something that can be learned at school with conventional teaching. This is absolutely correct!


Essential Nutrients for Brain Development

The omega 3s in fish oil can, for example, be combined with mutivitamins and minerals, a change of habits in the use of cell phones, computers, TV, etc. and customized pedagogical coaching.

Indeed, recent studies show that the brain can be remodelled (neuronal plasticity) with the appropriate nutrients and learning. “Many genes specialized in plasticity must be expressed in order for cells to produce the scaffolding of proteins and membranes that will consolidate synapses, dendrites and axons under construction. These changes require a lot of energy.” (1)


“The consumption of young children’s brains accounts for up to 50% of the body’s energy balance.

” Glucose, oxygen, vitamins, iron, iodine, fatty acids, the most diverse nutrients: all these ingredients are essential to the cocktail of a successful childhood. The brain is not only nourished by intellectual stimulation. Making and undoing a few million synapses per second requires a balanced diet, good oxygenation and physical exercise”. – Stanislas Dehaene

“Thus, in order for dendritic trees to grow, the brain must be supplied with all the nutrients it needs”(2).

In addition to some minerals and good fats such as omega-3, the essential vitamins for your child’s brain development are B-complex vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin E. The antioxidants found in small berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) are particularly rich in antioxidants and lower in carbohydrates.


Impact of Electromagnetic Waves or Fields on Attention (EMF)

Children are the most vulnerable to EMF and are the most exposed because dirty electricity from outdated electrical wiring and new Wi-Fi routers installed in schools increase their exposure.

There are two considerations that make EMF more dangerous for children:

First, they are constantly exposed. Children play video games and watch YouTube videos on their cell phones and tablets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not to mention the time spent talking on the phone, especially for tweens and teens. Basically, they are exposed to a constant stream of EMF that never stops.

Second, children’s brains are more sensitive to EMF radiation than adults’ brains for many reasons, such as

Their skulls are thinner, making it easier for EMF waves to penetrate.
Their minds are still developing and are easily affected by electromagnetic waves.
They have a smaller head with a brain placed closer to the skull.
Their brains contain more water, which means that EMF rays are more easily conducted through the brain.

In fact, researchers have found that children’s brains absorb up to 10 times more EMF than adults’ brains! (1)

This factor is therefore important to consider as much as nutrition and the intention to support the child rather than label the child.

Learning through the right door

It is possible to teach him to learn according to the child’s particularity in order to enter through the right door. Is it mainly visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Is it predominantly dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA or serotonin? Has he or she experienced any particular trauma that prevents him or her from learning without obstacles?

There are several teaching methods adapted to your child’s learning difficulty that the woman in my life, an experienced orthopedagogue, can undertake with your child, whether he has problems concentrating, reading and writing (dyslexia), writing words correctly (dysorthographia), how to do things (dyspraxia), calculations (dyscalculia) or other.

If you need to review professionally your child’s diet and lifestyle, and/or the service of an orthopedagogue with thirty-three years of experience, you can contact me privately. It’s up to you to see to promote the best learning!


(1) https://www.defendershield.com/adhd-children-emf-radiation-mobile-devices

(2)(3) Source: Learn! Les talents du cerveau, le défi des machines by Stanislas Dehaene (éditions Odile Jacob).


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